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open spaces is an open ended exploration of open green space in 351 towns in massachusetts

Programs used: P5.js, Python

Dec 2023

some of my questions: what different types of open spaces exist in massachusetts? how does MA define open spaces? do towns with different incomes have different access to open space? 

I grew up in Shanghai, which (until recently) was known as a concrete jungle with horrendous traffic and equally terrible air quality. In middle school, recess time and gym classes were often cancelled on days where the AQI score was deemed unsafe for outdoor activity. Access to outdoor space is a luxury — a fact that I am cognizant of perhaps more intimately than many.

My project explores the acreages of open space in all 351 towns in the state of Massachusetts. Median income and population for each town in this visualization provide crucial context for understanding this data.

Each circle represents one of 351 towns in Massachusetts. Information about each town is displayed upon hover. 

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